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Modalgistics provides supply chain services that offer their customers an advantage in the current competitive marketplace.

Modalgistics concentrates the majority of their time as an organization working with customers to get the design of the supply chain right at the outset. According to AMR Research, 80% of all supply chain costs are fixed based on the network design. Therefore, regardless of mode change, better rates negotiated, and systems for management and tracking, approximately 80% of a clients cost will be based on the network design chosen. Modalgistics' philosophy is to work with clients to spend the time and money to get this network right at the beginning or risk dealing with higher than necessary transportation costs that will become a legacy for years. Modalgistics' specializes in helping customers design this network to provide opportunities for utilization of multiple modes across the supply chain to leverage higher levels of service and lower costs.

In addition to working directly with the industrial manufacturing community, Modalgistics also provides strategic consulting services back to our parent company - Norfolk Southern Corporation. These services typically are associated with evaluating specific marketing and industrial development projects, long-term capital investment decisions, and strategic business initiatives (i.e. future facility locations and expansions - intermodal, transloading, warehouse and terminal locations). The Modalgistics team has experienced professionals in analyzing rail infrastructure to assess capacity of various types to optimize these assets for the greatest return.

Modalgistics has internally developed tools for measuring freight growth in North America by utilizing purchased databases in our supply chain optimization software to identify and track trends in freight across multiple modes, product lines and geographical regions of North America. These tools coupled with data regarding current and proposed infrastructure can assist any organization in utilizing quantitative methods for sizing their infrastructure appropriately and for the greatest return.