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To effectively maintain any supply chain you must be able to proactively manage information related to the movement of goods and services from order to delivery. Modalgistics' information management solutions provide real-time supply chain event management at the conveyance, product, and component level. By viewing your supply chain securely on a custom-designed website, you can begin to address problem areas and specify resolutions in advance.

In addition, we can streamline and automate the back-office services by using business process automation tools. These web-based services include:

  • Auto Load Tendering
  • Billing
  • Freight Payment and Invoicing
  • Vendor Settlement
  • Document Imaging
  • Load Planning and Optimization
  • Fleet Management
  • Driver Management
  • Performance Management
  • Financial Analysis and Planning

Without the right information, at the right time, in the right place, the movement of your products is going nowhere.

Modalgistics' strategic partner in offering information management services is TransWorks. TransWorks is committed to providing carrier based solutions to the transportation industry.