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Traffic managers often oversee hundreds, if not thousands, of shipments on a daily basis. One thing that a traffic manager does not have is the luxury of extra time. Modalgistics' Modalview shipment visibility tool was developed to give transportation professionals a central interface to trace all of their shipments, regardless of location or carrier.

Modalview shipment visibility system offers our customers 24-hour access to view their shipments on the internet. This visibility tool contains a dynamic query writer allowing users to build and save specific search criteria. Other useful tools within the system include:

  • Jeopardized car report with direct links to car details
  • At-a-glance key performance indicators
  • Auto-email notification
  • Activity summary of current trips
  • Ad hoc reporting on current movements
  • Secured and multi-leveled access to the web-based viewing tool for shippers and consignees
  • Comment and status history for current trips
  • Data cleansing - eliminating duplicate and inaccurate reporting