Advanced Business Intelligence

Modalgistics uses state-of-the-art analysis tools and advanced data visualization techniques to deliver meaningful, impactful, and effective analytical reports. Our reports are used in rate negotiations, carrier selection, inventory planning, demurrage, car ordering, and other operational processes.

Customers may choose to receive reports in the traditional static format or in an inter-active report structure that allows for detailed end-user analysis.

Introducing MODALinsight

Modalgistics is pleased to announce the creation of their MODALinsight platform. Leveraging the latest business intelligence technology from Tableau, Modalgistics will now be able to provide an on-line, personalized, interactive and protected data analytics experience to clients via a webportal that will be available 24x7. If you would like more information about this option, please email our MODALinsight team.

MODALinsight Carbon Footprint Analyzer

Using fuel efficiency information established by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Modalgistics' Andy Piper has utilized Tableau to create an interactive carbon footprint analyzer. This dashboard will give shippers an idea of the amount of CO2 (in tons) an existing route is generating per year along with the possible savings of CO2 (in tons) that may be possible when using a rail alternative. Give it try and watch the forest grow through your use of rail!

If you would like Modalgistics to create a similar dashboard specifically for you within our MODALinsight platform, please email our MODALinsight team.